Which Way Is Up (1977) – Comedy

Which Way Is Up (1977)

Richard Pryor plays three roles: Leroy Jones, a poor orange-picker who gets laid off for accidentally joining the workers’ union during one of their demonstrations; Leroy’s father, whom Leroy leaves behind with the rest of his family to go to Los Angeles; and Reverend Lenox Thomas, who gets Leroy’s wife Annie Mae pregnant during Leroy’s absence. In Los Angeles, Leroy ends up working for the same company that fired him back home; he is a manager at the company but is now distant from his former pals. Though married, he falls in love with labor organizer Vanetta and must divide his time between her and Annie Mae. When he discovers that Annie Mae is pregnant by Reverend Thomas, he puts the moves on Mrs. Thomas.

Stars Richard Pryor, Lonette McKee, Margaret Avery

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