GREASE: The Dirty Secrets Behind the Movie


We’re deep-diving into the Grease Soundtrack, exposing The DIRTY SECRETS Behind The Songs. If you’ve ever found yourself in a sing-along belting a Grease classic, you might be surprised what you’re actually singing about. Today we’re talking about the secrets and scandals that even some of the most seasoned fans may not know about this 1978 classic. Many of the songs in the movie have lyrics that point to obvious and not so obvious sexual innuendos and trists behind the scenes. After all the movie was filmed over two sizzling hot months, at Venice High School in Los Angeles. The location that would later inspire Britney Spears One More Time. With no air-conditioning you could say this young-adult cast was in heat, giving a whole new meaning to iconic lines about “a hickey from Kenickie” and “Where you going, to flog your log?”

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