Monty Python Holy Grail (1975) πŸ’₯ Then and Now 2022

Monty Python Holy Grail (1975)

OK I’ll try to keep my favorite quotes to a minimum or we’ll never get to the cast. But man this Monty Python classic has more perfect moments than I can count. I seriously believe you could have 20 diehard fans in a room all with a different favorite quote, or scene. Tis but a scratch. So obviously in the comments, ya gotta mention your absolute favorite line from this epic tale of the quest for the holy grail. As today, we toast a group of friends who got together to make a movie, conceived during the hiatus between the third and fourth series of their BBC series Monty Python’s Flying Circus. This classic nearly never happened due to financial limitations, but luckily the comedians took advantage of England’s very high taxes for the rich, and targeted rockstars like Elton John, George Harrison, and the members of Pink Floyd and Zeppelin, who decided to invest in the picture as a great tax write-off.. and what turned out was a film some comedy fans hold dear in their top five of all time, including me. And who am I exactly, just Nostalgic Nick with doyouremember. So please, grab your holy hand grenades, count to thhreee, which is just before four and after two – give this video a big thumbs up, subscribe to the channel , and chuck that holy hand grenade at the fierce beast. Now let’s go revisit some of the funniest fellas in Britain.

Credit DoYouRemember

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